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    To recognize optical fiber welding machine value back to hot

    C114 (Beijing time on April 28th afternoon news (yuehong zhang) for FTTH industry chain, in the past two years the Chinese market is not well, but still encouraging policies introduced gradually push the development of FTTH, national broadband strategy, also prompted the ministry power reserve FTTH construction standards of construction of housing.

    Ministry compiled by two national standard "residential and residential building in optical fiber to the home communication facilities engineering design code" and "the optical fiber to the home communication facilities in residential area and residential construction engineering construction and acceptance standard", come into force in April 2013, including "mandatory residential area and residential buildings the design of the optical fiber to the home communication facilities engineering, must meet several telecom operators equal access, user can choose the requirements of the telecommunication business operators".

    Another important rule is "new residential area and residential buildings of underground communication pipe, wiring network and telecom network, equipment and other communication equipment and residential and residential construction synchronous construction, synchronous acceptance".Relevant policy propaganda to carry out the meeting, also in more gradually.

    The two policy enforce again for the rapid development of FTTH and removed some obstacles, fiber connection as an important link of FTTH construction, no doubt also benefit from a niche business.

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