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    The loss of material for optical fiber welding machine how much do you know?

    The loss of material for optical fiber splicing machine how much do you know?Mainly is for the use of optical fiber cutting knife blades and discharge electrode life of blade: 12 surface, cutting about 2500 times, each face life 30000 times electrode life: general discharge more than 2000 times attention has to be replaced: when cleaning, replacing electrode blade, everyday use is, to avoid any form of and blade electrode parts of the contact, is of great harm to itself!Tianjin ai lok communications equipment technology co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of optical fiber fusion splicing machine and other equipment.Welcome you to inquire.

    In pilot cities with each move d personnel on optical fiber fusion splicing machine products use communication meeting, each  company use personnel to ALK - 88 optical fiber welding machine gave full affirmation and praise, you agree that all the products from the beginning of the design in line with based on the user experience, considering the d personnel carry things more heavier, and frequent shuttle between floors, on the premise of guarantee the quality of the machine, the maximum to reduce the volume and weight of the machine, and is equipped with a carrying bag, to use staff has brought great convenience.In the use of habits and details, but also consider a lot, such as easy loading and unloading operation platform, simple operation buttons, can freely adjust the brightness of the display interface, the integration of multi-function fixture design, color V groove and so on, all reflect the ai lok company product development prospective and attention to the product details, very good use practical action to clarify the company's consistent style, steadfast to do product r&d, for real!

    China mobile actively implement the "broadband China" strategy, focus on urban, village and township resident fiber-optic broadband coverage, transmission network, IP metropolitan area network expansion and other broadband speed and popularization, has built nearly 5 million home broadband port line, town resident broadband coverage of 70%, the province's 21 city is located in the city has 100 MBPS fiber access ability, the province city average broadband access rate of more than 20 megabits per second.It is understood that the sichuan mobile will combine local reality, according to the "intensive, differentiation, a high starting point," the construction principle and way of thinking, innovative city villas, high-rise residential, multi-layer community, commercial buildings, urban village, township and village residential area, the new rural community standardization construction of seven scene classification, promote the building of the Midwest based network and medium-sized cities.

    Under the environment of informatization rapid development, the country level, for the whole network at the county level, and increase growth is in full swing, in the process Eloik communication equipment co., LTD., will also with mobile companies all over the country, hard to meet the needs of the each unit requirements, full service products.Both in terms of product innovation, and after-sale maintenance, strive for perfection.

    Mr. Locke also around the world will all contributions to our national communications and energy are proud and proud!!

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