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    Eloik optical fiber fusion machine power network upgrades across the country

    In July 2015, the national development and reform commission and ministry of joint mandate, officially approved, led by China mobile based network of small and medium-sized cities in the central and western regions and improve the implementation of the project.China mobile communications group the only qualification for pilot provincial company, in charge of mianyang, luzhou, zigong, from four cities of 12 counties pilot project.The pilot, will implement the pilot area family covered 100% of all optical network, home users ability reach more than 20 MBPS broadband access and can be smooth to upgrade to 100 MBPS, for the implementation of the national "broadband China" and "Internet +" strategy to lay a solid foundation network.   

    In the pilot project, the winning of China mobile as a fusion splicer machine - Eloik communication equipment co., LTD. Production of optical fiber splicing machine made great contribution to the technology works.Due to a heat, add d personnel careful construction, completely solve the optical fiber to the home before, terminal will produce a large quantity of large loss and subsequent maintenance problems, to achieve the aim of MB broadband laid a solid foundation.

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