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    The quality of domestic fiber splicer you know?

    The quality of domestic fiber splicer you know? Small make up to tell you. Main advantages of products

    The heat fast, electrode life 4000 times;

    The built-in 10Ah large capacity lithium battery, can be completed 220 times and continuous heating.

    The 3D image processing function, optical magnification of 304 times, can be observed at the same time X and Y axis directionThe machine core components imported from Japan for 80%, to ensure the stable and advanced welding machine working state;The windproof, dustproof, shockproof, super adaptable; optical fiber splicer purchase, there are several aspects to consider: the construction of 1, your project requirements are high; 2, you have long cable construction distance; 3, how much of your project, you have 4; profits. Several aspects of this basic can determine whether you should choose what grade and price of the welding machine.

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